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Atelier Perluette


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Who would have thought that one day we would have had to live our day to day lives masked? 

This (never ending!) pandemic asks us to adapt, to be inventive, and resilient.

The creative inspiration behind the masks naturally follows Perluette's mission : that of taking care. And since the best way I know is necessarily to surround myself with flowers ...

Here are the Perluette masks, made of a double-layered 100% linen fabric with an opening to insert a filter, decorated with a string of petals made with bamboo viscose and organic cotton, hand-knitted with love.

Available in cream, marigold, and black.

Might as well live through this with a little extra, from time to time!



Mask: 100% linen (double-layered, with a space to insert a filter)

Petals: 70% bamboo viscose, 30% organic cotton



Small: for smaller faces, or if you prefer a tight fitted mask.

Medium : fits most. 

Large : for larger faces, or if you prefer a looser fit.