Perluette is first and foremost a textile project. The project is inspired by the oxymorons which make us who we are: these seemingly contrary qualities, which, put together, describe us in an unexpected way, creating a new poetic reality. The ampersand "&" is a symbol of this relationship: it is the string that connects our sometimes contradictory, sometimes complementary sides, and makes our uniqueness something to embrace and celebrate. The project is modest, but frivolous. Modest, but presumptuous. Modest, but audacious. By creating Perluette, my goal was to put textile design in the spotlight, well before finished products. To put the background in the foreground. Through this project, I promise to always share my inspirations behind each creation, and to transparently exhibit their manufacturing process. « Each piece deserves its own narration. »

Behind every knitted piece

My approach is often rooted around words. Lexical research on a specific theme of inspiration; their etymology, their definition, their synonyms. I particularly like to draw inspiration from oxymorons, seemingly contradictory qualities, which nevertheless, for a moment, exist simultaneously in the same object. From words and letters, inspiration then flows to fiber, material and texture. From these guiding principles, I always try to arrive at a conscientious and innovative textile concept. Using lace as a medium to create has always seemed obvious to me: a structure that is both delicate and assumed, simultaneously fragile and armored. Regardless of the shape, the most important quality of my creations is the lace that composes them. With just one thread as a starting point, each structure is delicately thought out, and rigorously constructed. My approach to this medium is personal and intimate; it goes hand in hand with the nature of the products that I build. Alice Dufour graduated from a multidisciplinary bachelor's degree in psychology and sociology, where she developed a curiosity about social and individual realities. She is also a graduate of an applied arts and crafts program specialized in textile construction; which spawned her passion for fibers. To this day, Alice works out of the same workshop in the Montreal neighbourhood of Verdun where she first learned how to sew, and where her love for sewing was born.